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Stay Away From Carolina Direct Furniture Store

Stay Away From Carolina Direct Furniture Store

Every customer wishes to purchase durable and stylish furniture for his/her home. While most furniture stores claim to have the best brands and styles, it is not the same scenario on the inside. Carolina direct furniture is no exception to this fact and continues to harass the customer with poor quality furniture, chaotic replacement policies, poor management and customer services.

8 Stay Away From Carolina Direct Furniture Store

Carolina direct furniture has been under the fire of numerous customer complaints. Most customers complain that the furniture don’t last long and is made from poor quality materials. In one instance, a customer purchased a sofa and loveseat from the store going by the store’s fake promises of durability. The store even made a prompt delivery of the furniture. Nevertheless, what was ironical is that the delivery staff warned the customer about poor quality leather used for making these sofas. They proved to be right after all. The customer begins to notice several scratches after a month of wear and tear. The color of the leather faded away and the furniture began to look old within a few months of purchase.

The store began to harass the customer from this point onwards. After several calls, the customer finally managed to speak to the right representative who handles repairs and replacements. The customer was informed that he would be charged with restocking fee, only in case the damaged furniture was accepted for replacement. A leather expert was sent to have a look at the furniture who determined that the sofa was perfectly fine and did not need replacement. The store refused to replace the sofa and left the customer with no choice but to keep the damaged furniture.

Another customer reported an irresponsible delivery service. The side table was delivered with exposed nails and improper molding. The store manager never bothered to make himself available to the customer. The customer service department cannot be termed as excellent because they have to consult the store manager before making any replacement decisions. In this case, poor management by Carolina direct furniture resulted in another dissatisfiedcustomer. Although the store offers limited warranty, the terms are vague and they make no effort to explain the same to customer.

If you happen to purchase any of their furniture and claim for damages before the warranty expires, don’t be surprised to hear that your warranty does not cover what you are presently claiming. In fact, it is the same treatment given to most customers. The process of applying to the warranty company is tedious as well. Firstly, you have to request for an application and then submit it along with the furniture pictures within a few days. Then, you will have to wait for their response through mails only to discover that your claim has been denied.

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