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Do not make a Costly Decorating Mistake by Shopping in Norwalk Furniture

Do not make a Costly Decorating Mistake by Shopping in Norwalk Furniture

Norwalk furniture is in Crabtree Valley area of Raleigh. The store is said to be famous for custom made designs but many people who visit the store complain that the store is filled with overprized products. There is also a complaint that the store does not follow the preferences of customers while making custom made furniture.

teak kingston2 Do not make a Costly Decorating Mistake by Shopping in Norwalk Furniture

Norwalk furniture showroom has a lot of designs with it, together with these designs they also stock lot of customer complaints which are not resolved. Norwalk claims that it makes unique furniture for living room, office space and other area but people who had visited the shop in near future has different views. They criticize that Norwalk has nothing special in it and every piece of furniture resembles something that you have used or seen in the past.  The company persons argue that they have best in class design professionals who are enthusiastic to change the style of every home they work with, this is true to some extent they change the style of the home they furnish but in a reverse manner.

Uniformly Designed Custom Made Furniture

When you trust Norwalk professionals to design your home, you will be in vain. The design professionals do not consult the decision makers of the home, or either they do not understand the expectations of the home owner so the furnishing output is different from what one expected. It is advertised that Norwalk is an expert in custom furniture designing, but the fact is that individual preferences are not transformed to design and designers only look their comfort for designing the furniture. Whatever they find easy to incorporate in the design they do, other ideas are left to wander in air.

Furniture reconditioning is another area where many customers are unhappy with Norwalk. Furniture reconditioning is not done for all furniture pieces and also the reconditioning work is not proper and it resembles the work of an amateur labor. In the designing part nowhere Norwalk is commits itself by giving realistic budget details, so customers are left with little information to furnish the whole or part of the house and deficit budget is also common.

One must certainly admit that Norwalk people are very good marketers. While giving the floor plan the chosen furniture is accompanied with rugs, tables, lamps and other accessories climbing to give a finished look to the customers.  This is actually a good way of marketing and the sales people in the showroom would convince us to buy the product which we do not wish to. Even if there is no coordination between the accessories and the furniture the sales is very much compelling.  Order placed cannot be tracked easily and suddenly all phone lines to Norwalk gets busy. Delivery is not made on time and the products are overprized with a note that it is custom made.

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