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Information on Wayside Furniture House

Information on Wayside Furniture House

There are various different stores one can visit to furnish their home which provide customers with quality products at reasonable rates. However, with bad service, products or support, a store could lose face value with customers and Wayside Furniture House has earned a negative review with many.

31 Information on Wayside Furniture House

When furnishing their homes, people want quality products which look good and last for a long time. However, it is also important that they are within their budget. This criterion is fulfilled by many stores. They provide quality products to furnish the entire home while ensuring the same is done within a person’s budget. There are various different stores which provide this service to customers and thus it is important for a store to stand out from the competition. They can do this a number of ways. By providing quality furniture and furnishings, by offering reasonable rates and through thoughtful and sincere customer support before purchase, during purchase and delivery and with regard to after sales services. These qualities help a store stand out from competition. They also ensure that a stores value grows with customers and through word of mouth from satisfied customers, stores popularity and profits grow. The opposite is also true. With poor quality, high prices or poor customer relations, a stores’ value can also drop. Wayside Furniture House has unfortunately earned such a position.


Wayside Furniture House came into existence in 1939 and grew selling various different items. They offer customers a wide range of products for the dining room, the bedroom, the living room and general furniture pieces. They offer a wide range from dining sets to recliners. They also offer customers patio furniture, upholstered furniture as well as mattresses and bedding. Thus there is a wide range of furniture and other items available at their store for purchase. They have also opened a store in Capital Boulevard in 1990. They even offer interior designing assistance which helps people find suitable setting for their entire home.


While there are various customers who are satisfied with their products and the customer support, there are a lot of dissatisfied customers as well. Wayside Furniture House does not offer any free delivery to their customers. Instead a delivery charge is applied for delivery to any area regardless of how close it is to their store. Customers have also complained about the extremely rude customer support staff that would ignore them or act in an extremely rude manner. Many have also complained that their orders took a very long time to be delivered to their address. There were also customers who were sold defective products which the store representatives refused to acknowledge. Many have also complained that the prices are arbitrary and not fixed.

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