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Hillary’s Home Furnishings

Hillary’s Home Furnishings

When choosing a furnishing stores to visit there are various criteria which either makes a store a place to visit or to avoid. These factors are all within the control of the store and its staff. Stores like Hillary’s Home Furnishings have a negative review due to various such factors.

41 Hillary’s Home Furnishings

Furnishing a home is an important task for everyone. It takes effort to find suitable pieces to fit your home while ensuring you get quality products at reasonable rates. There are various stores which sell furniture at discounted rates which may be of good quality. There are also those which do not sell furniture which is worth using. Other factors which play an essential role when choosing includes variety, quantity, quality and customer support. No matter the range a store may have, if the quality of the products and the customer support is not up to the mark, the store will never prosper. Those who started out well but lost out on customer support and other essential factors such as Hillary’s Home Furnishing are facing such issues.


Founded in 1984 by Gloria H. Kluever, Hillary’s Home Furnishings has a wide range of furniture pieces which fit into a person’s home. Chest of drawers, upholstered chairs, leather seats, lamps, rugs and artwork are some of the items available at their store. They have a 12,000 sq. ft. warehouse where customers can come and visit and make a purchase. They also offer markdown and offer sales on various different models and furniture sets. They have different textures and colors for customers to choose from and a decent range of products as well.


There are various customers who state they are quite satisfied with the service and quality provided by Hillary’s Home Furnishings. However, there are various customers who have made complaints about this store over the years.  The furniture sold was of poor quality and kept breaking. Sales people give false information and one customer was told his product was made of solid wood when in fact; the sides were made of plywood. The finish quality also has various complaints with one customer injuring himself when moving the furniture due to an exposed nail. The return policy is quite flawed and the store was not willing to accept the error in the product and refused to fix or refund for the same.  There was also no communication between various departments much to the disappointment of one customer whose delivery was delayed and a few pieces were found to be damaged.  Many also complained about the long period of time required for installation where one customer had to wait 3 months for an installation to be completed which could have been done in 2 weeks.

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