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Store Review on J’s Wholesale Furniture

Store Review on J’s Wholesale Furniture

J’s Wholesale Furniture offers an extensive array of home furniture and related accessories. The company promises good customer service, top quality and reasonable prices for the products purchased from it. It has also started its consignment business parallel to the existing business. Here is a detailed review on this store.

21 Store Review on Js Wholesale Furniture

J’s Wholesale Furniture was founded in the year 2004 by Jay Malseed. He started the furniture store on a very small scale but has carved a niche for himself in the market. His store J’s Wholesale Furniture gives a strong competition to the other big furniture stores.  It offers stylish and unique designs of furniture for bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. It also sells mattresses, frames and other home accessories. It mainly deals in wholesale furniture, home décor and art, both new and used. Due to distinctive designs and reasonable prices, J’s Wholesale Furniture has become quite popular.

J’s Wholesale Furniture offers a one of its kind service called Home Staging. The people who want to sell their homes can avail this service where J’s Wholesale Furniture will stage the furniture from their store in the empty house which is put under sale. This helps the seller to push sales faster and get good prices. However, this service is made available only to the residents of Charlotte and nearby areas. The company has plans to expand the areas in future, but it is still in pipeline. Further, this service is chargeable and may add to your selling costs.

Another remarkable service given by J’s Wholesale Furniture is the consignment of used furniture, home accessories and artwork. The showroom displays these items for 120 days. The resale value is determined by the original cost of consigned item and for how many days it is kept on display. However, there are quite a few glitches in this service. The customer may not get the right resale value of his item. Moreover, the company is not liable for the security of items in case they are stolen, damaged or mishandled. There are too many terms and conditions attached to this service.

Since the company is a single man’s show, customer can expect average customer service. The owner handles every aspect of the company. Hence there can be some irregularities in the business operations. Currently the company has only a single location store, which makes it inaccessible for the people in the neighboring areas. Moreover, the store operates only five days a week, Tuesday to Saturday, which can be inconvenient for people looking for a full weekend shopping. J’s Wholesale Furniture definitely stands out from its competitors but it has a long way to go to make it big in the industry.

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