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The saying that the older the better might not be true in all the cases. Same is in the case of Value city. They are around 60 years in the market now but still have not gone global.


Value City is a Home Furnishing brand which dates back to sixty years. They claim to have more than one hundred and twenty five companies comprising their furniture family which makes them to be the lead in buying power. They say that that they are capable in designing, manufacturing and selling their very own product thus exempt us from the middlemen expenses. Hence the savings are directly passed onto us. They say that they are so confident about their products selling at, lowest prices that, if it is not the case then they offer a “double the difference Guarantee” on all their products. This shows their over confidence rather than confidence. Hundred percent of their inventory is not even available for immediate delivery.  The next negative point about this store is that they offer “Limited Lifetime Warranty” on their products, and their excuse for it is that the quality of the furniture is such that they would last a lifetime. The next con is that if a customer has any complaints about the product then they have to contact the very same outlet to register their complaint. It is not so that you can complaint in any of their branches.

They offer incredible shopping experience but only in store. Though they have developed to around one hundred and twenty eight branches but the problem is that they are concentrated in only nineteen states. Firstly they are located only in America, with the spread of globalization they can think of going global. More over in that they are densely populated in only one geographical region of the USA. They should think about spreading equally throughout the country. The next backlog about Value City is that they do not offer online shopping facility. One will have to make a account, get connected to a physical store then he can get his choice of product. Their collection is also not very vast. It is restricted to around only nine departments like furniture for dining room, home office, accents, youth choice, living room, mattresses, entertainment, bedroom and gallery. They have forgotten the option for patio furniture. These garden furniture are in a lot of demand now a days. Value City should think of diversifying their collection.

Thus we see that being old in the market does not mean that one is the leader. They might lack in providing few basic facilities needed essentially in today’s world.

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