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Negative review on

Negative review on

The online store of Tyndall Furniture hosts different types of furniture for their esteemed customers but that alone won’t rank them higher in the furniture market. There are many improvements to be made in their product lineup and customer service. Currently, their offerings seem to be completely haywire. Neither their furniture range is diverse, nor are the services of their salesmen satisfactory. The quality and value of the products is a matter of concern too. is one such online furniture store which may at first instance seem to be a full-fledged furniture warehouse with a never-ending range of furnishing options and a bulky catalogue, but that may not be completely true. There are many shortcomings in terms of its offerings, quality and value of products, customer service, etc. Let’s now have a brief look at the review of the website:-

teak kingston2 300x236 Negative review on www.tyndallfurniture.comVisitors to the website may get a big setback if they were planning to shop mattresses from the online store. Upon clicking ‘mattresses’ in the pop-up menu of ‘shop by items’, you will be shocked to see – “no items found”. Not only is this very annoying for any visitor, but creates a major negative impression about the website too. So, it is highly recommended that if you planning to buy mattress, then you should search at some other place. In the local store of Tyndall furniture too, the catalogue of mattress was pretty mediocre. The types of mattresses were very minimal with just the latex, memory foam and the innerspring varieties are available. The quality of the mattresses was disappointing too. They were very susceptible to body prints when used regularly. They were just not able to handle the cushioning and the padding well.

The online furniture store doesn’t offer a full-fledged office furnishing option. Though there is a home office segment present in the website, but that is not fully equipped with all the important furniture types required for a high-end office. Different types of office tables and desks are not available. L-shaped desks, executive desks, writing desks ergonomic desks are hard to locate. In short, if you are shifting to a new office or just planning to refurnish your old office, then you should probably look at some other furniture store.

In the ‘brick and mortar’ furniture stores of the Tyndall Furniture group, the experiences of many customers were pretty unpleasant. Many of them reported that the salesmen of the local furniture store were not able to cater to their needs. The quality of service provided by the salesmen was not satisfactory either. So, when you visit the local store of Tyndall furniture, there are high chances that you too may experience the lack of quality service from the salesmen.

The online store does not offer a wide range of décor accessories. Complimentary accessories and add-on furnishing items can be very crucial in making your interiors look near perfect. Different furniture requires different types of décor items and the gallery of the website seems to be very limited in this respect. This drawback can be a deal breaker for many customers as most of them would prefer to buy furniture and complementary accessories at the same time and from the same place.

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