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The Ivy Cottage– A Review

The Ivy Cottage– A Review

Ivy Cottage Furniture is one of the most well known brands in the U.S. Both used and new furniture are available here. However customers have felt a lack in quality of the products and delivery methods. There have been many customers who have felt let down by this reputed store.

images The Ivy Cottage– A Review

If you are looking for a place to find luxurious accessories, then one of the options would surely be Ivy Cottage. It was founded in the year 1998. They claim to provide the best customer service and hospitality. They have a wide range of interesting products from various parts of the globe. They have some of the best collections when it comes to pre-owned furniture as well. Hence if you are looking for place housing new and used furniture, you should visit Ivy Cottage. This is one place wherein lots of products are displayed to customers.


This store does proclaim much about qualitybut actual products are not that great. There have been innumerable complaints from customers regarding quality of the products. One customer had bought a sofa set from Ivy Cottage. Even after careful handling, the furniture lost its sheen very quickly and the customer could do nothing about it. When the store was contacted, they simply told her that the damaged caused was not part of the warranty; a perfect example of poor after sales service. Some were not happy with the purchase commitments such as delivery methods, warranty and other such important details. In one case, delivery was delayed indefinitely. When the customer support personnel were contacted, their responses were neither accurate nor satisfactory. Another customer complained about the rude behavior of the staff present at Ivy Cottage. Neither was the staff competent nor courteous. Ivy Cottage should make sure they keep only well trained and selected employees on the customer service panel and the reception. It is important to be customer friendly because they are the ultimate business providers. The pricing is also a major concern. Some people felt that the price tag was too much when compared with the market standards. A reputed store should maintain the standards of the industry related to quality, purchase commitment, delivery timelines and all other intricate details common to the industry. Though all this is promised before purchase, the real problem is after-sales. Once a product is sold, the reputed stores worry little about the customers. One customer simply could not get through to the store manager. This customer had wrong furniture delivered at her place. The delivery personnel simply left immediately and the customer found out the fault only after unpacking. Again this incident is a sign of poor customer service from the part of Ivy Cottage.

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