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Carolina Furniture– A Review

Carolina Furniture– A Review

Carolina Furniture is one of the well known furniture brands. They have been in business since 1885. They proclaim much but many customers have felt a lack in quality of the furniture. Some have experienced bad delivery methods and poor after sales service.

3 Carolina Furniture– A Review

Carolina Furniture is one of the biggest names in the furniture industry. They have been in the business for quite some time and have gained a lot of reputation both positive and negative. Some of the brands that they deal with are American Drew, Bassett, Bassett Furniture, Benchcraft, Berkline, Carolina, Coaster, Craftmaster, Flex Steel, Home Elegance, Kincaid, King Hickory, Lane, Lea, Liberty, Restonic, Stanley, Thomas Kinkade, Tropitone, etc. As one can see most of these names are some of the leading brands in the whole of U.S. This store also offers financing to the customers. They supposedly have a huge collection of furniture that is machine made and hand tufted. They promise much when it comes to pricing. However the reality is different.


There have been many irate customers who have a terrible experience shopping with Carolina Furniture. The issues were varied ranging from poor quality products to bad customer service. One customer had purchased a leather sofa set some time back from the store. When she received the delivery, to her horror she found that there was a visible 8 inch tear on one of the arms. She called up the store manager and then the store sent a technician to have a look at the tear. He offered to fix it but told the customer that she would have to pay $50 for the same. The product was worth $2500. The customer refused to make any additional payment. After a lot of conversations, she demanded a replacement or a complete refund of her payment. The store agreed for the former. A replacement was sent after many weeks and the customer was put to a lot of inconvenience. Another customer felt that the furniture was not of great quality. Though the price was at par with the market value, the actual product did not meet prevailing industry standards. The customer service after sales was also pretty poor and people were dissatisfied. The availability of products also varies, especially when it comes to replacement of furniture. Again this can cause inconvenience related to delayed delivery and one may have to settle for a different design. Most gullible people tend to get carried away by offers and discounts but one should double check them always. Even reputed stores have flaws and issues. It is best to confirm the terms of the purchase before making the final payment to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

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