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Antique Market of San Jose– A Review

Antique Market of San Jose– A Review

The Antique Market of San Jose is one place to buy and sell your furniture. They offer affordable prices. However customers have felt a lack in quality of the furniture.Some of the furniture was too expensive when compared with market rates.

2 Antique Market of San Jose– A Review

Most collectors of antique furniture feel the need to have different types of collections present under a single roof. One of best places to get your collections right is the Antique Market of San Jose. They have a wide range of products. Customers can both buy or sell their products at good prices. The biggest plus of this store is the presence of a large number of traditional antique furniture pieces. They are no doubt very competitive when it comes to choices and pricing, but is that the only requirement of customers? Some buyers may give the affirming nod to merely the price tag but most people give importance to quality and shopping satisfaction as well. Though this store speaks much about the quality, the actual products fall short on expectation. There have been innumerable complaints from customers who have felt let down by this store.


One customer had bought 2 pieces of antique living room furniture. The reputation of the store made the person buy it but he really felt let down. The furniture pieces looked much older than their actual life. The cushions were almost worn out. The recliner had visible damages and was really uncomfortable to use. The store was contacted but no staff member came up with a concrete solution. When the customer support personnel were contacted, their responses were neither accurate nor satisfactory. Mismatched sets are also a concern. It is quite common for customers to receive tables without the matching chairs and vice-versa. There have been many instances of broken furniture sold to customers too. At times the furniture pieces were simply glued together and after a while the pieces simply fell off. Some new furniture from their consignment barn was found with blemishes and some customers found the products to be in a very bad condition when delivered to their homes. The delivery personnel would not wait until unpacking. Though the collections are huge, there are times when you fail to find the proclaimed high-quality product. One customer reported bad telephonic support. She had called to ask for directions to the store but the person who received the call on behalf of the Antique Market had no idea about the address nor the procedures followed at the store for purchase and sale. It is important to have trained people to answer calls from new customers if they need to sustain in this business.

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