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A Review of or Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store in Jacksonville, NC is a specialty furniture store. It specializes in offering latest and high quality beddings and furniture items. It has a streamlined network of highly skilled professionals who make shopping easier for customers.Visit for more information.

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Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store is a giant in the bedding and furniture industry. This showroom has multiple chains all across the country. displays all the information about the furniture stores in Jacksonville NC branch of this showroom. Various popular brands are partners of this top notch showroom. Thus, you get access to branded quality furniture items from Davenport, Shiloh, Nacey, Metropolitan, Loretta, Murry and much more. These brands are very popular, since they specialize in fabricating and delivering highest quality of goods.


Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store is a one stop display of all the furniture items and mattresses from some of the best brands worldwide. This showroom offers huge discounts on all its products. This facilitates the customers’ manifolds. Discount on branded goods and furniture is a blessing for shoppers. On top of everything, the helpers and support staff make shopping a very comfortable and pleasant experience in the showroom. The goods are categorized and placed according to their size, color, design, price and classification. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to choose the section that interests you. If you wish to buy living room furniture items, you need not to go looking out for them amongst all the other products. This is because they are placed in their section of living room furniture items. Hence, Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store saves your time other than your money.


Other than furniture items like beds (of all the sizes and shape), chairs, tables, dressers, nightstands, sofas and much more, this showroom also offers comfortable high quality mattresses. The mattresses offered by are ultra soft. They offer comfortable sleep since they specialize in maintaining posture. They are dust resistant as well. They come in various designs, colors and patterns. You can easily find one according to the size of your bed and interiors of your room. To get a feedback about any product, you can simply call on the number mentioned on the top right corner of It is also possible to get complete details about the product that interests you. The detailed product description of each product in mentioned in You can easily compare the difference between market price and the price offered by Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store.


If you cannot pay the entire money, ABF manages different financing options for you. You can choose the payment of 90 days option or you can also choose to pay through installments on interest. The different house packages offered are also a very big temptation. Hence, Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store solves all your financial queries easily.

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