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Fred’s Bed- Not As Great A Place As It Is Touted To Be

Fred’s Bed- Not As Great A Place As It Is Touted To Be

Fred’s Bed is not as great a store it is touted to be. Its mattresses and bed nowadays seem to be of lower quality; however, the store continues to price these higher than the competition. Customer service is the least committed towards providing customer satisfaction and even the delivery service is not as good as promised.

Fred’s Bed is a popular terminology in the mattress and bedding world and why not, considering that it has been voted as the best place to buy all bedding needs in town. This store that has a physical location in Triangle has been in operation since 1985- long enough to have run a successful business. It sells mattresses of all kinds, right from the common box mattresses to the inflatable and water ones. It also sells different kinds of beds like the daybeds, bunk beds and others that can suit different tastes and needs.

Fred’s Bed – Not As Good Anymore

Atlantic Furniture Mattress Protector 300x300 Fred’s Bed  Not As Great A Place As It Is Touted To BeBut off late, there have been several complaints of the Fred’s beds and mattresses not lasting long enough. Such poor quality products from the store have left many customers unhappy who say that they have simply wasted money on Fred’s Bed merchandize. The majority of the complaints relate to mattresses that clients say lose their firmness within an unexpectedly short time-frame. Where the store goes to great lengths in claiming that its mattresses would last for years, this is too shocking for a customer who then feels that he/she has not got value for money.

Adding to the frustration of poor quality mattresses is the fact that the shop’s customer service towards correcting these complaints is also not up to the mark. Buyers say that it takes ages for the staff at the store to attend to complaints, that too after many requests. Some have even stated that store managers were downright rude and turned a deaf year to the complaints regarding product quality.

And if these are not enough, the prices of mattresses and beds here also cannot be said to be low. Shoppers say that as compared to competition, rates of the goods are higher at Fred’s and in light of the lower quality of the shop’s wares it would not be worth purchasing mattresses or beds from this store.

Delivery is free, but you will have to be patient enough to receive your order, for the store is not as prompt as it says it is. Several customers have waited for weeks and pursued with the manager relentlessly to get their orders which can be a quite frustrating experience.

All in all, if you need to buy mattresses and beds in the near future, one store you should not consider is the Fred’s Bed, for even if it had endeared itself to the customers in the past, as of today, it is not worth any expenditure for its low product quality, high prices and poor customer service.

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